Corporate Profile

Company Name : Liberty Office Inc.
Headquarters : 13-26 Higashiterao-Nakadai Tsurumi-ku Yokohama 230-0017, Japan
Founded : March 12, 1996
Capital : 40,000,000 yen

What ICT Division can help you?

ICT Division of Liberty Office Inc. is a consulting team providing professional services for high-tech companies trying to enter into Japanese market in ICT area, especially in telecommunication. It is usually very difficult for a foreign company to get into Japanese Market, because of its business custom and a strong barrier in language.Liberty Office Inc. can help your company at any stage of developing / entering into the market from preliminary evaluation of market opportunity to establishment of a local office in a very cost effective way. Liberty Office Inc. can flexibly help you cover your needs.

Staff Background

Yoshikazu (Yana) Yanagisawa
Co-Founder, Executive Director & CTO

Upon graduation from KEIO Graduate School of Science and Technology, Mr. Yanagisawa joined Oki Electric Industry Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter called "Oki"), where he was engaged in Facsimile engineering followed by marketing and product planning. During his carrier at Oki, he stationed in the U.S. to conduct the technical liaison with companies such as 3M, Harris/3M, Lanier and Okidata. He served Oki for 20 years and he also served in the high-tech industries such as LCD, Glass HDD, Life-cycle Management, Space related products, Video-IT, etc with foreign engineering relations. The acquired knowledge was applied to his business of marketing various Japanese products in the U.S. and vice versa. His experience and career as a technical liaison was also developed through extensive involvement in international businesses.

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